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Chemical Name: This (tribromoneopentyl) phosphate

Brand Name: Brominated R-1018

Equivalent Brand: FR-370

CAS NO.: 19186-97-1

Chemical formula: C15Br9H24PO4   

Molecular Weight: 1018.5

Chemical Structure: 




Brominated R-1018 is an additive flame retardant developed for application such as PP and HIPS to reach class V-2 according to the UL 94 standard, with outstanding UV and light stability. The chemical structure of the brominated part is responsible for its excellent UV and light stability leading to a good appearance of the molded part. The high melting temperature of EcoFlame B-1018 (180℃) permits production of highly filled masterbatch concentrates. In easy to be processed and can improve flowability.

It solves the previously unanswered problem of blooming in flame retardant grades of PP.

Specification Data Sheet:



Analysis result


White powder

White powder

Bromine content    %

70 min


P content          %

3 min


Melting point      ℃  

180 min


Volatile Matter     %

0.3 max


Contact: Mr. Sun

Tel: 15806369890

Website: http://sgswt.com

Mail box: 340114@qq.com

Address: Hou Town Project Area, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

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