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Application of synergist in triphosphate


In order to further improve the flame retardant efficiency of IFR, some flame retardant synergists are usually added to the extrusion of ordinary intumescent flame retardants to meet the material's requirements for high flame retardant performance and reduce the amount of flame retardant added.

   From the perspective of scientific research and current research, zeolite, traditional metal compounds, metal chelates, natural clay, and rare earth oxides are usually used as synergistic flame retardant additives for IFR systems to have better flame retardant enhancement effects. In addition, nanoparticles such as montmorillonite, hydrotalcite, single-walled carbon nanotubes or multi-walled carbon nanotubes are also added to the polypropylene matrix to work together with IFR to improve its flame retardant effect.

   In short, adding an appropriate amount of synergistic additives, together with IFR to synergize flame retardant polypropylene, can significantly improve the flame retardant properties of polypropylene, inhibit the heat release of polypropylene during the combustion process, slow down the heat release rate, and reduce the combustion time The resulting mass loss caused by thermal weight loss improves the thermal stability of polypropylene and increases the amount of carbon remaining after combustion.




Contact: Mr. Sun

Tel: 15806369890

Website: http://sgswt.com

Mail box: 340114@qq.com

Address: Hou Town Project Area, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

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