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masterbatch for polyolefin

masterbatch for polyolefin

  • Classification:Flame Retardant Masterbatch
  • Views:second
  • Date of issue:2020-12-07
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Antimony-free low halogen flame retardants and masterbatch for polyolefin

Less dosage: it can reach UL94 V2 (1.6mm,0.8mm) at a dosage lower than 1.0%.
No antimony trioxide, it does not contain any heavy metals;
It can be filled with talc , barium sulfate and other inorganic fillers;
No organic bromine compounds;
No precipitation, migration resistance, good thermal stability,  with smooth surface and whiteness and high gloss;
No organic bromine compounds, up to SGS and REACH standard.

 Grade and Application -

GradeBromine  %wtApplication
M208≥12.0%Suitable for homogeneous PP
M218≥10.0%Suitable for copolymerization , POE, Tougheing PP.
M228≤4.2%Extremely low bromine content, the bromine content is lower than 900ppm in flame retardant PP
M308G≥8.5%Suitable for glass fiber reinforced PP

 Masterbatches’ grade and Application

GradeContent  %Feature and Application
M1023PPBromine  ≥5.0%Low price, It an be used for ordinary non-precipitation flame retardant PP
M1021PPBromine  ≥6.0%General gradeHigh cost performance and wide application
M2020PPBromine  ≥8.5%High efficiency flame retardant, especially for copolymerized PP
M4011PPBromine  ≥6.0%Excellent flame retardant and high fluidity. Used for PP monofilament, sheet and film, PP spinning



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Contact: Mr. Sun

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Website: http://sgswt.com

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Address: Hou Town Project Area, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

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