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Five characteristics of tribromonoamyl alcohol


Many products have characteristics, and the PP halogen-free flame retardant fr201b is no exception. In order to let you understand clearly, the manufacturer of PP halogen-free flame retardant fr201b summarized the following five characteristics for your reference.

1、 The flame retardant efficiency is high, and the addition amount is 22-30%, which has little effect on the mechanical properties of the material.

2、 The results show that the fluidity of the flame retardant is better than that of the flame retardant.

3、 Compared with halogen system, it has high cost performance.

4、 The material has good environmental protection, low smoke and low toxicity.

5、 The density of the product is low, which helps to reduce the weight of the product.



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Contact: Mr. Sun

Tel: 15806369890

Website: http://sgswt.com

Mail box: 340114@qq.com

Address: Hou Town Project Area, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

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